SAP Lumira Cloud

What is SAP Lumira?

Built on the SAP HANA® Cloud Platform, your data is stored securely, meeting the highest security standards. Get up and running quickly with no software or hardware to install. Save time and money with a cloud solution that offers flexible subscription options and scales as you grow.

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SAP Lumira - Business Intelligence Software

  • With SAP Lumira, acquire, manipulate, and visualize any data source. You can combine multiple data sets in the same view or leverage your SAP business intelligence platform for trust and scale. Maximize data knowledge and get the most up-to-date information without help from IT.

Visualize any amount of data in real time in a few simple steps. With a fluid drag and drop interface, users can quickly create stunning visualizations and discover hidden insights. Explore the possibilities of data by building storyboards and info-graphics with just a few clicks. 

Share insights across the entire organization by publishing data sets and visualizations in the cloud. Explore business information and discover hidden insights on the go in a secure environment. Extend the power of data and make better business decisions.

SAP Lumira Benefits

  • Agile visualizations in the cloud - SAP Lumira helps quickly visualize large volumes of data without having to sacrifice performance or security. Designed to speed time to insight, it empowers users to discover hidden insights using mobile devices or in their browser.
  • Using SAP business intelligence tools - Lumira desktop software and Lumira cloud together, you can share data sets and visualizations in the cloud for others to interact with. From your mobile device, you can share insights to your team, colleagues, and other stakeholders inside and outside the corporate firewall.

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SAP Lumira Cloud

NFL: Engaging and Retaining NFL Fans with SAP Lumira Cloud


See how the National Football League (NFL) used SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Lumira Cloud to engage its most loyal fans -- and attract new ones. Find out why the NFL's player comparison tool is a key component of the league's fantasy football strategy.