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SAP Business One

SAP business one is designed to help your growing business better manage every aspect of your company activities – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Available on-premise, on-demand, and powered by Microsoft SQL Server or by SAP's in-memory computing platform (SAP HANA) – the choice is yours. 

SAP products are used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide. Designed for growing businesses, the solution lets you integrate all of your critical business functions, such as sales, service, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, and finance in a single system. It automates your end-to-end business processes and improves decision-making by providing real time insights. 

Key Features of SAP Business One:

SAP Business One Modules:

SAP Business One

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Why is SAP Business One for Small Business?

SAP Business One is a cloud based ERP software solution for start-ups and rapidly growing small businesses because of the following:

  • Increases Business Agility

ERP solution is best to quickly deploy the necessary support procedures, enabling you to take full advantage of prospect opportunities. It also lets you respond promptly and efficiently to customer needs using all centralized data.

  • Enhances Flexibility

The SAP business one is flexible. It expands and changes with your business ensuring that all your management and operations needs are met excellently. When all your operations are streamlined, you can capitalize on making better decisions as you run the business with the help of real time dashboards and integrated reports.

  • Improves Efficiency and Effectiveness

When you incorporate SAP Business One services into your company’s operations, operational effectiveness and efficiency are enhanced. All vital information from operations, sales, finance, and customer relationships is put into one system. Therefore, it eliminates redundant data entry which makes information available to all authorized personnel in your company in real time.

Why Choose SAP Business One from D1 Technologies?

Top class ERP systems provider like D1 Technologies enable you to streamline the management of reporting and administration, accounting system and financials, system reliability and performance, sales and customers, inventory and distribution, together with purchasing and operations.

Furthermore, we offer several functional enhancements and add-ons for SAP Business One created by D1 tech team and deployed for their clients.You can learn more about these sap business one add-ons and modules by visiting SAP Business One Demos page.

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