Communications and Voice Over IP

Communications and Voice Over IP

Information workers have grown accustomed to the convenience and horsepower delivered through their personal mobile devices and are using the advantages of anywhere connectivity to work smarter.
Utilizing Microsoft Lync allows you to achieve a new level of flexibility for your workforce by offering the convenience of working on-premises or in the cloud, all the while keeping connected Microsoft Office 365 on a single integrated platform.
The Lync mobile clients gives you the flexibility to work across multiple platforms, devices, and online services using Enterprise Voice features, such as click to join a conference, Call via Work, single number reach, voice mail, and missed calls. These features allow you to manage your world of communication with tools that make life easier. You’ve always wished that using your phone system was as easy as your PC. Now it is. Learn about five pain points of communication in this article.
Imagine the possibilities of a workforce with tens, hundreds, even thousands of people quickly and effectively communicating with each other from virtually anywhere. We can help you to transform how information workers stay connected through real-time status visibility that informs users on the best way to communicate with a colleague or customer, whether by instant message, email, or phone call.

We Rely on Microsoft Lync Mobile Clients


A survey of nearly 750 front-line IT professionals, managers, and executives indicates that workers expect to stay connected anytime, from anywhere, to help do their jobs. 87 percent say their employees use personal devices for work-related purposes. The Lync mobile clients gives workers control over how their real-time status is displayed so others can connect with them most appropriately. Not only does this functionality enhance reciprocal communication, it also supports the use of one mobile device for personal and work needs while assuring personal information is always kept private.

Innovative communication would not be complete without a convenient and secure management structure, especially for mobile devices. The Lync mobile clients lets IT administrators manage access policies by user, group, and mobile device OS, using the integrated Lync management console. Device IM push-notification service is conveniently managed by Microsoft as a free cloud-based service, while IM conversations are encrypted between mobile device and Lync servers or Lync Online services.

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