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When a Customer is Also a Vendor in SAP Business One!

By Mark Burt

In the business world it’s quite common that your vendor for certain goods or services is also your customer, purchasing from you different goods or services. In such case you manage two different master data records – one representing the customer and the other for the vendor while the linkage between the two is not reflected in bookkeeping. Recent enhancements in SAP Business One allow you to reflect this connection by creating symmetric link between customer master data and the respective vendor master data:

When a Customer is Also a Vendor 1.png

Once the connection is set you can include the transactions of the connected vendor in the dunning wizard and consider its recommendations accordingly. In addition, you can consider the transactions of the connected business partners for internal reconciliation. Last but not least, when running the aging report (for customers and vendors) you can display the transactions of the connected business partner and see the actual balance of the business activity:

When a Customer is Also a Vendor 2.png

Available since SAP Business One 9.2, version for SAP HANA PL06 and SAP Business One 9.2 PL06. For more information please contact Mark Burt at



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