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Tips And Tricks (Part 1)

By D1 Technologies, LLC

The Drag & Relate feature is an oldie but a goodie.  It’s something that’s been in SAP Business for as long as I’ve used it but many people don’t know or have forgotten that it exists.  Drag & Relate is a quick way of generating on the fly reports for master data or transactions that relate to or are refined by a specific piece of information.  Just this week I had two customers that wanted to be able to look something up and we were able to find their information quickly without writing a query.  In both cases the customers had been using Business One for several years but it didn’t cross their mind to use Drag & Relate.

Along the left side of the SAP Business One application you can find the Drag & Relate Tab, below the My Cockpit and Module tab.  By clicking on this Tab, users can access this feature to quickly lookup information by relating one specific piece of information to transactional or master date.









In the first example they wanted to see a list of all Production Orders that contained a particular item as a component.  We opened the Item Master for that component item and selected the Drag and Relate Tab.  Then we selected the Item Code by clicking and holding on the field until it was highlighted with a black rectangle around the field.Tips_and_tricks_pic_2.jpg

Once the Item Code field is highlighted with the black rectangle drag and drop the rectangle onto the Production Order Details.Tips_and_tricks_pic_3.jpg

The returned results shows a list of all Production Orders that the component Item was part of, along with the Planned and Issued Quantities.  From the results you could drill into the individual Production Orders with the golden arrow.Tips_and_tricks_pic_4.jpg

In the second example they wanted to see a list of all Purchase Orders that had ever been created for a specific Vendor.  We opened the BP Master, selected the BP Code and dragged and dropped it on the Purchase Order on the Drag and Relate Tab.  The returned results show a list of all Purchase Orders ever created for that vendor.  The results could be additionally refined by using the Filter button in the bottom left corner and, as an example, excluding the Purchase Orders with a status of Cancelled.Tips_and_tricks_pic_5.jpg

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