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Pickers & Indicators at Your Service in SAP Business One!

By Mark Burt

We are all in a hurry, trying to complete more tasks in less time and every second matters. Common tasks like creating a document, generating a report, or posting a transaction consist of multiple tiny steps and decisions like setting date range or entering quantity and price. To reduce the time spent on these micro actions, SAP Business One introduces a set of pickers and indicators:

pikers display and indicator display

When activated, the respective pickers appear in the active fields as icons. Just click it and set the required value without having to consider the specific form of the data. For example, when setting date range in a report you just click the icon and choose the date from the calendar.

If you activate the indicators, small icons appear in the respective fields telling you if in a given field you can open a “List of …” window, enter user-define values, or whether the field contains translatable values.

sales analysis report - selections criteria - sales employees

Available in SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA and SAP Business One. For more information please contact Mark Burt at

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