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Free SAP Business One training on SAP Learning Hub available to the public!

By Mark Burt

The SAP Business One Academy, long beloved by our SAP Business One community, is transitioning to the SAP Learning Hub.   Product, implementation and support training for SAP Business One release 9.2 is already loaded in the Learning Hub and available now.

Here are the top 6 questions/answers about the new SAP Business One Academy.

   1. How do I access the new SAP Business One Academy on SAP Learning Hub?

Members of the SAP community can register here.

   2. After registering for the Learning Hub, what’s the easiest and quickest way to access the training?

Use the SAP Business One Learning Journey!

  • You can use the learning journey two ways: Start at the beginning and work your way through the journey step-by-step. We recommend this path for new users who want to learn everything or study for the implementation certification, or
  • Click on a box in the learning journey to go directly to the training you need right when you need it.
  • 3. If I’m studying for the implementation certification, how do I know which training I need?
    Each topic is marked with a symbol. The blue tile with a scroll and graduation cap tells you the topic is certification-relevant.
  •  B1 Learning 1.jpgB1 Learning 2.jpg
    The gold tile with a grad cap means the topic is not needed to pass the certification but will give you additional knowledge about SAP Business One.

      4. What happened to the old SAP Business One Academy on SCN?

    The SAP Business One Academy on SCN is still available on the SCN wiki pages:

    This is where you can find SAP Business One training for release 9.1 and earlier. (All training for release 9.2 or later will be on the SAP Business One Academy on SAP Learning Hub.)

      5. The SAP Business One Learning Journey is for 9.2 but the link for SAP HANA analytics takes me to the SAP Business One Academy on SCN.   Why is that?

    The HANA analytics training for SAP Business One is still in release 9.1. We included the link to analytics on the SAP Business One Learning Map because analytics is a very popular topic and we wanted the learning journey to be a “one-stop shop”.   Once we update the analytics training to 9.2, we will post the courses in the SAP Learning Hub and provide the new link.

       6. Let me just get this straight: the SAP Business One Academy on the SAP Learning Hub is free and open to the public?

    Yes! So please spread the word to our community to sign up today at

Wanting to learn more about SAP Business One? Click here!

For more information please contact Mark Burt at


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