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Canceling Docs? Timing is Everything in SAP Business One!

By Mark Burt

Canceling documents is quite a common task. It can be following a human error, change request raised by a customer and many more. Depending on the document, the cancellation may influence reports, inventory, and other aspects of the business. Therefore it is important to do it carefully, and pay special attention to the timing of cancellation.

SAP Business One enables you to set date range in which users are allowed to cancel documents by using documents cancellation:


If you try cancel a document outside the defined date range, an error message would appear and the action will be blocked. Note that this setting does not apply to orders, quotations, or purchase requests, where you can set a validity date.

For sales orders you can define a default cancellation period in Document Setting> Per Document tab, during which customer may cancel the order without any consequences.

Available in SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA and SAP Business One. For more information please contact Mark Burt at

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