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A Bakery’s Challenges Don’t Start & End In The Oven

By D1 Technologies, LLC

Running a bakery has a plethora of challenges. Everything from keeping inventory on hand to getting rid of expiring inventory can monopolize your time in the front end of your bakery. In the back end, keeping supplies and inventory in check through your supply chains can present its own set of risks and challenges. Generally, the goal is to grow your business, but the larger your bakery business gets the more challenging it is. This is where an intuitive bakery software package from a company like D1 Technologies can come in handy.


The food manufacturing industry, including bakeries, is more than just manufacturing or baking goods. D1_-_Bakery-iStock_000063171895_SmallKeeping track of supply chains, providing traceability of all product ingredients and components, and finding ways to improve operational efficiency are all pieces of the puzzle to success. ERP (enterprise resource planning) bakery software can help you get a leg up on your daily challenges, as well as your competition.


Bakery Software Helps Optimize Margins

With challenges like fluctuating commodity prices, freight costs, labor costs, food safety, and more, maintaining your margins can be a full time job. With intuitive bakery software from D1 Technologies you can optimize your margins through an easy to understand and use interface that’s customized to your needs. Bakery software can even help you manage your distribution network to ensure your clients are getting the best service, and proper products at the right times.


The food industry is one of the most competitive in North America, so whether you’re running a small one person bakery business, or looking to expand to a country-wide production model, bakery software can help you keep track of all the moving parts. Contact D1 technologies today to get more information about ERP software and bakery software that can help put your business on the track to success. Give us a call at 803-740-5003.

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