SAP All-in-One

SAP All-in-One

Drive innovation and automate your core processes with SAP Business All-in-One. These comprehensive, industry-specific ERP solutions can help manage every aspect of your fast-growing small and mid-size business – from financials and HR to sales and procurement. Pre configured for specific industries, SAP All-in-One builds on the proven success of SAP’s flagship product.
SAP Business All-in-One provides the fast information access, flexibility, and adaptability that mid-size companies need to solve their unique business problems while continuing to grow.

This on-premise solution is further developed by the team at D1 Technologies to suit your specific business needs. We leverage and further adapt pre configured qualified partner solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Is SAP All-in-One Right for You?

SAP Business All-in-One is most appropriate for mid-size companies with global operations, multiple locations, and/or multiple divisions. Other common characteristics of a company that most benefits from SAP All-in-One include:
SAP All-in-One is not a specific product, but rather a packaging of product features and functions along with the best practices and industry expertise to ensure a rapid implementation without being a completely customized process.
Functionality and Components, SAP’s Core ERP functionality (ECC-6) is just the beginning. SAP All-in-One solutions also include functionality and capability for CRM and Business Intelligence.

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SAP Best Practices packages are the content platform of the SAP Business All-in-One Solution. Available for a large number of industries and sub-categories within an industry, they provide methodologies and processes that are proven to get your business up and running quickly.
All-in-One solutions are based on SAP ERP, SAP CRM, Pre configured Business Intelligence and SAP Best Practices. These solutions provide users with maximum productivity and ease of use, implementing the Best-In-Class ERP platform in the world, using the concept of 'Starting simple but think big'.