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What’s New in SAP Business One 9.2

By Joe DeLozier

What’s New in SAP Business One 9.2

SAP has recently announced general availability of the latest version of the SAP Business One application with new features, including intelligent analytics, project management and an app-like interface for real-time access to main business functions.

The upcoming version 9.2 is packed with enhancements and features.  With SAP Business One 9.2, you can run your business simply... anytime, anywhere.

This new release offers:

  • Improved usability and a lower TCO by introducing Browser Access for SAP Business One on premise customers.
  • Differentiation against competitors leveraging SAP HANA based innovations such as the Interactive Analysis Report Designer.
  • Enhanced business functionalities such as project management and improvements to existing business processes.
  • Accelerated transition to the cloud, opening up to new market segments.
  • Simplified infrastructure & landscape, making SAP Business One 9.2 easier and more cost effective to use than ever before

A few of the big highlights are:

New Project Management Module:


  • Combines both financial and project management data in one solution.
  • Centralize all project related transactions, documents, resources and activities in one place.
  • Depending on the size and scope of a project, it can be split into different “Sub Projects” or “Phases” which may represent a functional area for example.


  • Helps to monitor the progress of: Tasks, Stages & Phases.
  • Manage projects more effectively from start to finish.
  • Better project transparency by analyzing budget and costs and generating reports on aspects of the project, such as stage analysis, open issues and resources.

Other nice features in SAP Business One 9.2 include:

Prices Update Wizard:  The wizard allows users to systematically update item prices in price lists; and to mass convert prices into different currencies.  It handles bulk price list updates easily.

Extension of field length:  The item number, BP catalog number, resource number and mnf catalogue number fields have been extended to 50 characters.

Fixed assets - virtual item:  A new feature is the automatic creation of fixed assets equivalent to the number of items in an A/P invoice.  This is ideal for large quantities of identical items, and the feature supports enforcing serial numbers.

Re-open Sales/Purchase Order Process.  You can reopen a sales order or purchase order when you create credit memos for A/P or A/R reserve invoices drawn from corresponding orders.  This allows users to decide whether to reopen the item quantity in the original document.


Check out the video playlist of SAP Business One 9.2 Enhancements on the SAP You Tube Channel.

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